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Episode 3 - The Catalyst (Part II)

At this point in our story, John Sutter has made his way across both and ocean and a continent, all the while inventing for himself a completely new persona. By 1839, he found himself stranded in Hawaii, his prospects looking grim; but then, a stroke of luck. Hear the next installment of his story here. 

Profile #2 - Suleka Sun-Lindley

This month, I sat down with Suleka Sun-Lindley, the spunky owner of both Thai Basil and Veg, two great restaurants located one above the other, on the corner of 24th and J st, right here in Midtown Sacramento. 

We talked about her growing up in Thailand during the Vietnam War, entrepreneurship, Impossible burgers, and more. 

You can find both restaurants online: Veg; Thai Basil

Episode 2 - The Catalyst (Part I)

Though he wasn't Sacramento's founder, John Sutter was the catalyst that led to this city's existence. From a impoverished feudal serf to legend of the frontier, his story is full of wild fictions and heartbreaking failures. Listen to the beginning of his origin story here. 

Profile #1 - And Yes

A few months ago, I sat down and spoke with artist and poet And Yes, aka David Loret De Mola. We talked about his growing up a first generation Cuban American, his work with youth, his writing, his fake marriage, and more. 

You can find him on the web at:

And on Instagram at: @andyespoetry

Episdoe 1 - Urbs Indomita

Sacramento, California was first incorporated in 1850. That year would prove to be one of the young city's most harrowing; that it survived that year, let alone the remainder of the 1850's, is astonishing. Listen to the full story here. 

Correction - California was known as Alta-California in the pre-American period, not Nueva-California, as stated in the episode. 

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